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We provide a range of services including air quality testing,
HVAC/AHU testing, pneumatic analysis,
smart pulse monitoring, and lab services.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including but not limited to:

1. Air Quality Test:
- Particle Counter- Dew Point
- Oil Content- Microba
- Flow Meter
2. HVAC / AHU:
- Integrity Test- Velocity Meter/Balometer
- RH Temperature- Particle Count
3. Aventics SPA:
- Smart pneumatic Analyzer
4. Smart Pulse Monitoring:
- Emerson Sensor

We ensure accurate measurement and analysis for better air quality and efficient HVAC/AHU systems. With advanced technologies and reliable Equipment, we deliver reliable results and valuable insights.

In our Gas Phase Lab Service, we offer specialized analyses for gas phase systems:

1. SAAF Chemical Media Remaining Life Analysis: We assess the remaining life of SAAF chemical media used in gas phase applications to ensure efficient operation.

2. Reactivity Monitoring Cupin Test: We conduct tests to monitor reactivity levels in gas phase environments, promoting a safe working environment.

3. Gas Concentration Analysis: our lab provides precise analysis to measure specific gas levels, maintaining optimal concentrations and requlatory compliance.

With our Gas Phase Lab Service, we deliver valuable insights for improved gas phase system performance.

Scope Of Service: Measurement